Client Management for disability service providers in Australia is a highly specialised field. CIMSability (CIMS) is an application written by the industry, for the industry, whose origins are within the Australian sector.

By working with our client base located within different NDIS zones, we realised very early on that the NDIS administration is concerned with a structural change in the financial methodology that underpins the sector. Organisations need more than invoicing functionality and the ability to only export data for integration from their Client Management System, instead they require a deep integration between their Client Management and Financial System in order to operate efficiently and competitively in the new world of NDIS. Liveware ERP’s primary business is Microsoft Dynamics® NAV a global ERP system that is suited to the stringent reporting requirements of the Disability Services industry.

CIMSability is an application written by the industry, for the industry, whose origins are within the Australian sector. Encompassing all aspects of Client/Participant Management, CIMS empowers organisations to simplify client data administration and remove barriers to timely government requirements which ultimately provides them with the tools to better support their clients.

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CIMSability Enterprise is a fully integrated solution incorporating CIMSability and Microsoft Dynamics® NAV (NAV) ERP. NAV is a leading global business administration application that is highly suitable for the stringent department reporting requirements of Disability Service providers operating under the NDIS.

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Liveware ERP specialises in the management and implementation of Microsoft Dynamics® NAV solutions for Small to Medium Enterprises (SME’s). 

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The Mai-Wel Group is one of the larger Disability Service Providers in the Lower Hunter Region, providing services and programs to more than 800 clients across seven Local Government Areas. 

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CIMSability News

NDIA released their specifications for the NDIS Bulk Claim just prior to Christmas. Liveware is pleased to release the NDIA Bulk Update file feature for Microsoft Dynamics® NAV as part of Liveware CIMSability Enterprise solution. 

Microsoft Dynamics® NAV stores all relevant data for the upload:

  • NDIA Units of Measure
  • NDIA service provider code
  • NDIA service provider authorisation code
  • NDIA client ID
  • Supports NDIA one or two step approval process