Client Management for disability service providers in Australia is a highly specialised field. CIMSability (CIMS) is an application written by the industry, for the industry, whose origins are within the Australian sector.

CIMSability Enterprise

The solution is modular and available in two editions:

  1. CIMSability; a purpose-built industry CRM application. Features of CIMSability include:
  • A comprehensive Client Database
  • Client Plans
  • Client risk Profiles
  • Rostering Module
  • Incident Module
  1. CIMSability Enterprise; Integrates CIMSability with Microsoft Dynamics® NAV; a powerful business application that is highly suitable for the stringent department reporting requirements of the Disability Services industry. Features of Microsoft Dynamics® NAV include:
  • Financials/Budgeting, A/P and A/R, Cash flow Management
  • Self-Managed Package Client Administration Framework
  • Sales and Marketing Management (CRM) including industry specific modules for:
    • Fundraising and Campaign Management
    • Donor Register, Event Administration
  • Inventory Management and Procurement
  • Manufacturing, Service & Job Costing
  • Human Resources Management (Incl. Volunteers), & Payroll
  • Intranet/ Internet portals for:
    • Timesheet Portal
    • Human Resources Self Service Portal
    • Purchasing Approvals Portal


Industry enhancements to the Microsoft Dynamics® NAV platform include:

  • Integration from CIMSability to Microsoft Dynamics® NAV at a client/participant ID level
  • A powerful Not-for-Profit CRM allows organisations to segment, prioritise and benefit at a strategic level from CRM data.
  • Human Resources functionality to manage all aspects of employee and volunteer data including personal details, qualifications, documentation and employee appraisals
  • Payroll industry awards interpretation.
  • Portals allow the dissemination of information throughout the organisation at a fraction of the cost of mainstream licensing. Portals are an extremely efficient means of bringing all within the organisation into the administration.


  • Timesheets:
    • staff able to electronically enter and submit timesheets for approval
    • supervisors able to review and accept/reject timesheet submissions
    • timesheet end-to-end integration to payroll based on award interpretation
  • Human Resource Management meaning employees can:
    • View and update their personal contact details (i.e. address and phone number)
    • View and update their qualifications, confidential information and next of kin
    • View and attach notes and documents to their employee file
    • View and update their payroll bank account details and superannuation details
    • View their current remuneration and entitlement balances
    • Access, print and email their pay advices both current and historical
    • Submit leave requests, including ability to attach doctors’ certificates for personal leave
    • View current leave requests that have been approved or are pending approval
  • Purchasing Approvals Portal:
    • Submit and monitor their expense claims (including electronic approvals)


Provisioned by the one vendor the CIMSability Enterprise solution is an organisation wide platform for disability service organisations meeting the needs of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) through innovation and simplicity. The principle of utilising two ‘best-of-breed” applications within the disability services sector are clear – globally, Client Information Management (CIM) / Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications do not do financials and vice versa therefore an all in one application will not be best of breed in one or the other field, or potentially both.


Our consulting teams are highly experienced in disability services projects. They understand the reporting and analysis challenges that the industry faces under the National Disability Insurance Scheme framework and we are proactively working with our existing client base to refine and extend our coverage as the industry transitions to the new model.